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Do I Look Like My Great, Great, Great Grandfather?

Ethan and General William Alexander Hammond, M.D. (August 28, 1828 – January 5, 1900)

“Es igual a Jason,” laughs Carla.

If that was true, than he would look like this. . . » Continue reading “Do I Look Like My Great, Great, Great Grandfather?”

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I’m Not Insane!

I might be insane, and I might do the same things over and over again expecting different results, but I might not be insane for doing so. Whoopie!

Looking for a definition of “New Media” for my latest AC Blog post, I bumped into this post by  The Fat Man in which he shares his pet peeve frustrations with this quote:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

It was funny timing, as just this morning in my personal journaling I was writing about how I feel like I’ve had a sudden, major shift in my thinking regarding the ole nature versus nurture dialog. I won’t freak you out by quoting myself, but the gist of my thinking is that I feel as though I’m suddenly seeing that my nature is my nature is my nature — regardless of whether I like it or not. In other words, who I was born to be might be a much more powerful force in regard who I actually am than the Freudian thinking I was reared on will allow me to accept.

I’m not downplaying the importance of nurture to make or break one’s life (or day). (Hell, all that Freudian thinking certainly influenced my thoughts about — and my reaction to — the nature of my nature.) Rather, I think I’m starting to accept that, to use another famous quote, “I am what I am.”

For me, I think this might have profound (if subtle) implications — especially in terms of being less frustrated by my making the same mistakes over and over again. This head-banging frustration makes me feel insane, even if I’m not, especially because I think I should (or at least can) change how I act in many cases, when in many cases I act the same.

I can see that this abstract thinking is better left for a personal journal entry, so I’ll get back to The Fat Man and his ragging on the “definition of insanity” quote, which » Continue reading “I’m Not Insane!”

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Screen Grab: Paraguayan Daughter

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Writing Through Fields of Pixel

“Of course, the writer’s task is to put obstacles in the way of writing, and yet writing still somehow always has gotten done, whether through fogs of Scotch or through fields of pixels.”   – Adam Gopnik

Adam Gopnik (Richard Avedon)

I just came across this while bumping around on the Web, avoiding the task of getting down to the writing that I really need to be doing (as in, to make money). The quote is from “Stray Questions for: Adam Gopnik” by Blake Wilson, published in “Paper Cuts” on January 30, 2009.

If what Gopnik says is true, maybe I’m actually doing well as a writer and not the flailing failure I often feel like. After all, who can do better than I at putting obstacles in the way of writing?

In response to Wilson’s question about how much time — if any — Gopnik spends on the Web, Gopnik shares:

“Too much, too much. Writing is the process of finding something to distract you from writing, and of all the helpful distractions — adultery, alcohol and acedia, all of which aided our writing fathers — none can equal the Internet.”

Fuck! I mean, on the one hand I really appreciate Gopnik’s frank perspective that he struggles with the crack-like addictive power of the Web. On the other hand, his observation makes me feel like I’ve been backsliding.

Of late I have been doing my damnedest to improve my writing by cutting down on adultery, alcohol and acedia. (The excessive adultery brought on by binge drinking might have been interesting to write about but the acedia made it impossible.) And now, actually finding myself trying to work instead of heading to a bar (not easy, I assure you), Gopnik’s words suggest I might actually be better off in that bar buying a drink for a potential lover. Apparently the fog of adultery and booze is easier to write through than these fields of pixels.

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This Ping’s For You!

Actors waiting to audition at the first Starbucks in Buenos Aires.

Actors waiting to audition at the first Starbucks in Buenos Aires.

My dear, dear buddy Meghan Scibona has just gotten her new blog up and running, and this post is nothing more than a hearty congratulations to her in the form of a ping. That is, I’m going to use this post link to her latest post on “Low Budge Girl” in hopes that she gets alerted via her email. That way she can learn what such a ping feels like.

I’m trying to learn a little as well, as I’m not totally clear on a bunch of these blog-related phrases, such as “ping” and “linkback” (or is it trackback)? There’s probably a “pingback” and a “backlink” and a  “linkping” as well. And they all probably have very specific meanings. But who really gives a poop? It all really just means “more interconnected,” no?

So Meg, this one goes out to you. Congrats on the great blog, and the interesting stories! Who knew what you could do with a little blood and a condom!

Make sure you comment on this post and let us know if you found in though the “pinging backlink frontbang,” or if you just stumbled upon it.

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How Does an Oil Rig Work?

Watching the boring and artsy-pretentious Western “There Will Be Blood” (or “Petrólico Sangriento” in the Spanish of my local BlockBuster), I started wondering HOW DO those old oil rigs actually work?–sucking oil from the earth and all that.

oil-drilling-derrickSuper Wiki says this about oil rigs, but what I really want is an image that explains the up and down, up and down part. How does that pump suck up fluids by bobbing its head?

How Stuff Works has a nice image of an oil rig but it’s way out of my league. Too complicated. Don’t get it.

I did some more searching and came up with nothing really satisfying until I bumped into

“Doctors view the penis pump—or ‘vacuum constriction device,’ as it’s called in the business—as a reasonable, low-cost treatment for erectile dysfunction.”

salwen_090105_blog_oilrigI’ll remember that.

You can find an Microsoft and Viagra-sponsored, family-friendly article on penis pumps (with a great, hairless, creepy illustration) here.

If you can explain the up and down, up and down thing of the historic oil pumps on the Western plains, please do. You’ll win a free penis pump!

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Armageddon Does Rock!

While not the greatest motion picture ever (Patton), Armageddon is definitely in the top two or three. Super movie snob Jason Nunes disagrees. He told me so in pretty rough languange. But stiffled Jason just cannot accept the profound beauty of soft rock and cheesy movies.

Check out this hair-tingling, life-affirming clip to feel the full passion, love and honor that is Armageddon. AWSOME! What, I ask, could be more inspiring on this first day of the new year? Humanity can unite in peace!


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Reporting for Ten Thousand Monkeys: 30 December 2008

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I filmed this puppy at the corner of Defensa and Brazil in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Always nice to reach out to my 10KM fans. You take care.

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